Sunday @ actionchurch

You are not going to want to miss the next five weeks at actionchurch if  you’ve ever watched the news, or a youtube video, or even people on the street and asked yourself this question:  What is wrong with people!?  (C’mon, I know you have…we have ALL asked that question!) :-) During our new series “The Antidote”, we’ll not just be discussing “what’s wrong with people” (including you and me), we’ll find the solution…the antidote…in a tiny little letter found near the end of the Bible- the “Book of James”.  We’re inviting everyone to read the first Chapter of the book of James before Sunday.

available here      It will take three minutes of your time, and you will find it unmistakebly practical and powerful.

This week we’ll be featuring Calling out Closer as our musical guest, and the actionkidz area is cranked up and ready to provide your kids with a great hour packed with fun and easy to understand learning about Jesus.   It all starts at 10:30 am at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions).  Come early to enjoy a  Coffee, Maple Donuts, bagels, and Muffins with the friendly folks of actionchurch.


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