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A York County church that allows you to explore the teachings of Jesus without uninvited expectations or pressure.


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No Pressure

Churches tend to have unwritten rules and expectations that put pressure on you to conform to a standard. You end up feeling like you’re unable to be yourself and ask honest questions.

At actionchurch, we want you to be yourself and to be able to openly discuss your views and even your doubts. You can be the same person on Sundays that you are the rest of the week.

We don’t ask for anything from you, but we do have a small gift if it's your first service! If you survive a Sunday morning with us and never want to show up again, that's just fine, and we won't bug you. You're welcome back anytime!

Get Directions

How to attend your first service

  • Show up right before our 10:30 am start time.
  • Drop your kids off at actionkidz (3M - 12YO)
  • Grab a donut, pour some coffee, and find a seat.
  • Enjoy our one hour service featuring a sermon and live music from local musicians.
  • And if you like it, repeat!
love God love people take action