Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-04

  • Watching the Great American Rain…
    #Daytona #
  • I'm glad all our battery back-ups in the house have loudly beeping alarms. Otherwise we'd never notice that our power is out. #sarcasm #
  • "that appears to be a fairly high pressure hose". Darrell Waltrip // they are finally completely out of things to say… :-) #Daytona #
  • Wrote a little rant on the blog about why we value "fresh" over creative and slick at ac. (and I explain with donuts) #
  • One of the best parts of preparing for "the Antidote" series has been reading (and re-reading) the book of James. So practical/powerful! #
  • Traditional leap day cookie. #
  • I love Thursdays because it "meet the crew" day on the blog. Check it out here: #

  • Wow. We have NEVER done a series like the one we're starting Sunday. I'm nervous…and excited…to get it started! #
  • I've been working with @josiahkatz forever so nothing phases him…but wow was that an awkward photo I sent in the keynote for Sunday :-) #
  • A God to serve. A family to Love and provide for. A Job to do. (I call that a great day!). #grateful #
  • A brand new series (The Antidote) starts Sunday, and we've got @callingoutclosr on stage. More here: #

  • Those who are wise will take all this to heart;
    they will see in our history the faithful love of the Lord . #
  • That's it! I am SO firing up the grill when I get home! #sunshine #

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