Thank you! (Project Housewarming)

Thank you everyone who participated in our Housewarming project.  

 Thanks for:

Donating Furniture

Donating appliances

Donating furnishings and personal items.

Donating cash to share in the expenses the church covered.

Loading the truck

Renting the truck,

Re-loading the truck as it continued to fill up :-)

Carrying impossibly heavy items up an impossibly tiny staircase.

Sacrificing your time, money, and stuff, to share the love of Jesus with a family in a really unforgettable way.

Thanks most of all for being a church that not only Loves God and Loves people…but “proves it” by Taking action!

3 thoughts on “Thank you! (Project Housewarming)

  1. Did all the needs get met?

    We wound up sick, again. No fun. Really wanted to be there.

    – Jason

    • Yes, I heard from her today. Just wanted to thank everyone and say that she was so excited for a new beginning.

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