Last week we told the story of a  mom with two kids and one on the way who was living in a homeless shelter, when someone (who deserves a lot of credit but would want none)  invited her to actionchurch.   When she asked for prayer for her situation I told her two things.  1. We will pray.  2. We will take action to help in any way we can.  That was three weeks ago, and a lot has happened since then. 

Our Mom was approved for assistance to get an apartment of her own.

actionchurch was able to assist her financially in getting the utilities turned on and purchasing new beds for her children.

all of you have responded in such a great way to our call to provide furniture and furnishing for her new place, that we have actually had to turn away some generous offers of furniture.  Other than a coffee table and some of the baby items (which we still have time to gather before she gives birth) we have received more than enough to furnish their new home.  (link to original “Housewarming” post.)

What can I do?

Please pray that our Mom gets the keys to her apartment by this weekend.  Even though she has been approved and the utilities are turned on she is experiencing a delay.  Her time will be up at the homeless shelter on Friday evening  so time is crucial.   Also, without a place to store the donated items, we will have to push our housewarming drop off back to the following Sunday.  Please pray and  if you are planning on bringing donated items, stay tuned for details.

We are looking for a few more volunteers to help deliver and set up the furniture and household items on Sunday after church.  Our extremely hard working actionchurch crew already moves tons of equipment in and out of the theater EVERY Sunday, so we are looking for help from folks who do not normally take part in tear down and load out.   This is a fantastic opportunity to not only serve someone…but to experience someones life being changed by the simple acts of kindness of others!

Be part of the action at actionchurch each week.  This is what happens when we invest our money and our “stuff” in serving others.  This is what happens when we do what we can.  This is what happens when we Love God, Love People, and take action.   I hope you will chose to be part of it…

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