House Warming (Updated)

One of the best things actionchurch gets to do as a church is helping others. This week a single mom who recently started attending actionchurch will leave a shelter to a home of her own. Your donations have provided for her utilities to be turned on and purchased new beds for her children. It’s a great opportunity to for her to start a new life.

I am not sure where the phrase “house warming” comes from…but I’m pretty sure that it involves giving more stuff to people who are already moving their stuff to a new place. Here’s the deal though, “our mom” has NO stuff to move. Except for a bed for herself and beds for her children, there’s nothing else to move. So, actionchurch, do you have stuff at your home that could “warm” her house? Here’s some items she will need.

Update:  We will be gathering the items at the Frank theaters parking lot on 3/6/11  (Next Sunday)  Bring your items and we will deliver them to the family Sunday afternoon.

Stuff we need:

  • Couch (Have: Couch, wall unit, and TV)
  • Love Seat/ Chairs  (Have: Love seat, Recliner and Chair)
  • Kitchen Table/Chairs (Have Kitchen Table/ Chairs)
  • End Tables/ Coffee Table
  • Dressers(Have: 3 Dressers)
  • Crib
  • Double Stroller
  • Baby Swing
  • Dishes  (Have: Dish Set, Silverware, Tupperware )
  • Kitchen Stuff  (Have Mixing Bowls, Cookie Sheets, Coffee Maker, Microwave, pots and pans ice trays, pitchers etc.)
  • Sheets  (Have Sheets)
  • Blankets  (Have Blankets)
  • Towels.  (Have Towels)

Let us know what you have at We will be checking off the list as we go to ensure that our mom has all of what she needs and not too much of one item.

Let’s show that we Love God, Love People, and Take Action, actionchurch. Let the house warming begin!