Blessed are the peacemakers…

Last week I posted the story of the church at war with a strip club.  I’m not planning on having a weekly column on church and strippers…but this is an update you have to hear.  

After four years of battling the Foxhole strip club.  After four years of protesting and escalation…grace, mercy, and love showed up in the form of two beautifully fierce ladies from JC’s Girls ministry. 

The Columbus Dispatch tells the story like this:

” They urged the congregation to rethink the parking-lot protests outside the Foxhole and suggested better ways to reach the strippers spiritually.

“It’s not our job to tell these women that it’s time to get out of there,” Donewald said during the sermon. “Just love them. Let the Holy Spirit draw them out.”

My Favorite quote from the Story: “The pastor in his neatly ironed blue shirt stood with arms open, waiting to embrace the crying stripper who repeated that she is not a whore. After a long pause, she accepted.

I love this story.  I love, love, love that the power of the mercy and grace of Jesus is still absolutely unstoppable.   Take the time and check out the whole story and pics linked below.  

Read the Story

See the pictures

Check out the video from JC Girls ministry

2 thoughts on “Blessed are the peacemakers…

  1. That is awesome! I’m pretty sure this is how it is all supposed to work. Love people then let God do His thing.

    Thanks for posting this , Don!

  2. Yeah, I love how Jesus can take a messed up situation, filled with messed up people (both inside and outside the church) and make something beautiful from it.