Cosmic Treason

“Complaining while following God is a form of Cosmic Treason”  –  Jeff Manion

I saved the above quote in my blackberry during  a talk by Jeff Manion at the Willow Leadership Summit.  I liked the phrase “cosmic treason”.  I collect phrases like that.  Jeff was talking about the Israelite people complaining about not having meat and spices, after being rescued by God from a life of slavery in Egypt.  I thought the phrase  sounded like something one of my favorite looney toons characters as a kid would say.  “I charge you sir, with ‘cosmic treason’ for questioning my authority”.  Definitely sounds like a Marvin Martian quote.  Funny.

When we complain about how God chooses to do things while we claim to follow him, we are questioning whether he knows best.  Not so funny.  We are in effect saying that we know better…that we could do a better job running creation than he could. When we complain about how God provides we are questioning either his goodness or his competance.  When we complain we raise the question of whether God should actually be “in charge” or our journey or not.

When our kids complain from the backseat on the way to the beach about their circumstances…about whether we remember that they need to stop for food and a bathroom break- it’s annoying.   When we complain that our Heavenly Father doesn’t know what we need here on earth…it borders on Cosmic Treason.  I’m going to try not to forget that.

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