Culture Mirror…

I jokingly tweeted last night that:  “I have a dream that someday someone will combine all 3 great themes of TV into one show called “Pawning Wedding Dresses to buy Cake”.

Seriously though, doesn’t it seem like every show that isn’t on the network is about one of those three things?   Here’s the thing though,  I don’t think that there is some “master plan” to get us to rush out and go to a pawnshop with our valuables.   It’s much more likely that since we are in a recession, more people than ever are looking around their homes and properties for something of value to sell or pawn.  Shows like Pawn stars, American Pickers and Hardcore pawn are interesting to a wide range of people because we are interested in knowing if any of our “trash” is actually treasure.  Because so many people have tuned in to a show about a “picking” more shows keep springing up.    I believe that to a great extent, Media Mirrors Culture.

Here’s the question, though:  If television and movies are our cultural “mirror”…what are our great struggles right now?  What are our strengths?  What are we most afraid of…and why are we so obsessed by cake?

2 thoughts on “Culture Mirror…

  1. Our media is reflecting that we are self absorbed and covetous of THINGS! Outer beauty and stuff is all you see on television today–and our worry about how other people are living their lives so we can model it. Reality TV has become our reality.

    Our strengths are feeding the beast that make the media.

    We are most afraid of living originally and being ostracized from the people who are like the media they watch. This and Zombies.

    Who doesn’t like cake????