This sunday @ actionchurch

Sunday is the grand finale of the “at the movies” series, so we’ll be taking on the biggest blockbuster of all time.   So what happens when you “mash-up” a three hour fantasy blockbuster about blue people with tails, a discussion of a false religion that is even older than Christianity, and one of the most controversial chapters of scripture in the Bible?   I have no idea…we’ll see what happens Sunday.  

So…if you loved the movie Avatar, hated the movie Avatar, or don’t care anything about the movie Avatar but love to watch stuff that can potentially turn into a train wreck :-) , you will not want to miss Sunday at actionchurch.  We’ll be re-activating live txt comments on Sunday…so you can join into the conversation.

Our friends Thru Me will be providing the rock on Sunday…and actionkidz will be the place your kids want to be.   Sunday we will also be giving an update on some pretty amazing developments on our quest for a new venue.

Come to think of it, Sunday at Club 19 is going to be a lot like a Summer blockbuster…although unlike any of James Camerons movies…all of the action will be crammed into only ONE hour.  Directions

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