I’ve been checking the weather forecasts this morning.  I’m trying to plan my work for the week…wondering if our family members who are scheduled to arrive later this week will be able to travel.  All of this thinking and planning reminds me of these verses from Job 37-

6 “He directs the snow to fall on the earth
      and tells the rain to pour down.
 7 Then everyone stops working
      so they can watch his power.
 8 The wild animals take cover
      and stay inside their dens.
 9 The stormy wind comes from its chamber,
      and the driving winds bring the cold.
 10 God’s breath sends the ice,
      freezing wide expanses of water.
 11 He loads the clouds with moisture,
      and they flash with his lightning.
 12 The clouds churn about at his direction.
      They do whatever he commands throughout the earth.
 13 He makes these things happen either to punish people
      or to show his unfailing love.

We can (and should) plan and prepare.  We can (and should) work hard to make the most of every passing week.  In the end though, God is in control.   He “makes things happen”.   We can choose to trust God…or work against his plans.  In my experience, trying to work against Gods plan turns out to be about as successful as trying to postpone a snow storm…

  I choose to trust God and “watch his power”. 

  How about you?

2 thoughts on “Snow?!

  1. Powerful stuff. That is kind of what my boss has been telling me as a panic about the “next storm”. But I STILL do not LIKE the snow.