No seriously dude…she's loving it.

Add this to the “things that make me a bad person” but the stop action photos of olympic skaters faces make me laugh.   During the month of February we’ve been talking about love, conflict, falling in love and awkward hugs…so when I saw this photo I thought I’d make a really serious point about how “if someone took a stop action photo of our relationships-would they see love and harmony or conflict?”  

Sorry…can’t do it.  No “point” to be made here at all.   It’s just a really awkwardly funny photo. :-)

3 thoughts on “No seriously dude…she's loving it.

  1. That is hilarious. Is it for real? Nothing says love like the gift of a hug from the dismembered arms of Mickey Mouse? …and wood roses? :-)

  2. Wow! Have to be careful who you send that to. Might seriously disturb some little kid. “Mom, what happened to Mickey”!!!!