Sunday Recap: A Brand New Mii – Wk 3

A Brand New Mii

Today was our last day in our “A Brand New Mii” series. It was also actionchurch’s first ever week without our fearless leader Don Record. I personally found today to be a defining point in actionchurch’s history. actionchurch the body, came alive today and as it stood up with a little miracle help from God, I could hear everybody who helped make this happen say in mad scientist voices, “It’s alive!!”. I’m not saying we don’t need Don, we definitely need him to continue to push actionchurch’s vision. But I think the actionchurch body fended pretty well for itself today, and I am proud of all of you.

James Reaves brought the message today, and man he did BRING IT. James talked about how the woman in Mark 5:22-34 who’s life was horrible for 12 years, and in one moment she became a new person. He shared a little bit of his story of how in a couple doctor’s words his life changed forever. I just want to say thanks to James for being so real with us and sharing his story. If you missed it, email, comment, or tweet us and we will hook you up with a copy.

The highlights:

The A.C All-Stars were on stage today, and there was some serious shredding coming from the stage. The drums, guitars, bass, vocals, and occasional 80’s synth, everything was just freaking sweet. And with a set list including The Beatles, Rush, Damn Yankees, and Boston, I don’t know how actionchurch could have been more awesome. Thanks for adding that last song at the last minute, amazing. Great job guys (and Lynn!), looking forward to the next time.

So yeah, we gave away a Nintendo Wii today. And while I enjoy blogging and talking, I, like Don, am horrible with names. So. Somebody got the Wii today, and I can’t remember who it was anymore. I hope you enjoying playing with the Josiah, Garrett, and Ryan Mii’s!

Ryan had my back today in the tech pit when I had to be onstage. I am really glad that we had him come on board, although it is sad that he will be leaving us in the fall to go to college. Garrett and I played a game of tennis in our argyle shirts. (I won, therefore he owes me a beer or something.) And Bill & Dave rocked setup. I got there at 9, and everything was already out!? They are getting ridiculously good at setup.

Sorry for the delay at the end of the service with getting all of the entries for winning the Wii. We did not go over an hour, but there was definitely a little dead awkward time there. And I apologize for it I know better than that) and it will not happen again.

Thanks to Christy for getting there early and brewing some awesome coffee today. It definitely put a little more hair on my chest.

actionkidz was sounding like they were having a little too much fun back there today. I wish I was 8 years old so I could run around, have a TV in the back of van and listen to the Fife’s awesome bible lessons.

Don was out visiting his favorite vacation spot (or Regan’s), the American Girl Doll Museum. One of the many places where “if you aren’t holding your daughter’s hand, and you have long hair, you might be a creeper”. I’m glad that Don, Michelle, and Regan could have the day off! We should do this again sometime. : )

5 thoughts on “Sunday Recap: A Brand New Mii – Wk 3

  1. I would really like to hear the service from today, I was helping in Actionkidz so I missed it. Thanks so much.

  2. The first time I commented I missed the “creeper” comment you completely cracked me up!!! Jeremy had a question about MAC cords to connect the computer to the TV to watch movies from Netflix…I think he found it, but we’ll have to get your e-mail or something for tech support LOL. Have an excellent week!

  3. This was only about the 3rd or 4th time I’ve been to action church. And thus far, I’m extremely glad I was introduced to it. It’s such a great atmosphere, and I truly enjoy Don’s services. But I definitely have to agree, James’ did a heck of a job filling in for Don today! Great service’s every week and great bands all on the same stage. Couldn’t ask for more! I actually look forward to Sundays now

  4. To all those who stopped any of the All Stars to tell us how much you enjoyed the music “THANK YOU” we have so much fun playing at ActionChurch and it’s great to know that you “get” what we are trying to do. It’s always so nice to look out at the faces and see smiles, heads shaking or just people taking in the tunes. I am so lucky to get to play with Roy, Rod, Steve & Lynn. Most of all I’m greatful for playing at ActionChurch!