a "Flobot" actionchurch


Happy Saturday Morning. Don doesn’t usually write on Saturdays because 1.) he likes to take a break and 2.) nobody ever reads the blog on Saturdays. So mostly because of #2, I am going to write today. (I am still working on moving the author name to the top of blog entries so that when you read you are not guessing who it is the whole time) P.S. This is Josiah

Have you heard of the band Flobots? They have a political protest song called “Handlebars” that became pretty popular in the last year. They are starting something new in the music industry, but it is more than just combining a bunch of different styles to create original music. This is not the typical band, and as actionchurch is not the typical church, maybe we can learn something from them. They have set-up an organization called flotbots(.org) where their mission is:

“To provide a structure through which bands can invest their social and cultural capitol in efforts to increase civic engagement, volunteerism, literacy, and creative expression, and to build a community of music fans around these efforts”

They encourage their fans to start dialogues about politics and social issues. They teach guitar lessons and provide resources to write and record music. This band is NOT just complaining about our government and social issues, but they are actually doing and starting things to make it better. actionchurch needs to continue to not only talk about being a revolution, but “start something” and just be one.

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