Sunday Recap: Revolution pt 1


Today was the first day of the “Revolution” series.  I love talking about why “we do what we do” at actionchurch.  Today we talked about why everyone is welcome (except for perfect people).  God loves to use people with “Bad Credit, Bad Reputations, and Bad Attitudes” to do Great things! (1 Samuel 22:1-2).  God gets the most Glory from improbable, impossible situations.  But if God can forgive anything and give us a new start…why not just keep sinning…and asking God to forgive us?  Because God’s forgiveness here on earth is a lot more like bankruptcy than a time machine.  We are forgiven of our sins…but the hurt and damaged caused by our actions does not “magically” disappear.   If we keep sinning we perpetuate the chain of pain and hurt that is killing our planet…and miss the chance to be part of the revolution of goodness that God has for us.

The Highlights:

It was great to be able to stream the “Free Credit” commercials live during the service…Ryan and Josiah are doing such a great job in the “tech pit”…not to mention the artwork for Revolution is amazing.

I called actionchurch “the dumbest church in America”…I meant it in all the “best” ways…

Emptiless on Stage…They did a great job although I am sure as every “new” band is they had to be freaked out by us at times.  Truly a pleasure to work with the guys.

Thanks to Jerry (ac allstars) for always being willing to loan us the wacky stuff we need…this week it was eight tires…yep, he had them.

I love that our team is “tight”…but I’m a little disturbed about the “after game” slap on the butt I witnessed between two of our guys on the crew…

Seriously though…other than the butt slapping thing…we have the greatest crew.  I appreciate all of your hard work so very much.  Thanks for making it possible to do “Church for people who don’t like church” every week.

actionkidz was amazing this week.  I seriously wanted to be part of their “boot camp”.  Kari and Susan and crew are definitely doing some of the best ministry at actionchurch each week.  I love the fact that our little Reagan gets to be part of such a great kids church…I’m really glad that so many other kidz get the same opportunity.  I should have some pictures to post later this week.  Hint Hint.

Yes, I really did get turned down because of my credit while trying to buy a mobile home.  You might be a redneck if…

This time last year I was freaked out wondering if anyone would show up to our launch at Fat Daddy’s the following week…God is Good.

Lots of great stuff coming up this week…Do not miss the guest post from Garrett (Stage MANager) coming up on Wednesday. 

Enjoy the Superbowl…and the great commercials below if you missed them.  Try to get em out of your head…

One thought on “Sunday Recap: Revolution pt 1

  1. Good stuff today Don! The part about “why not sin more so God can give us more grace?” was one of the best ways to explain why we should not do that that I have heard. I really appreciated that.

    You said a lot of stuff I wish my 18 yr old son would have heard.
    I keep trying to tell him that this is a place for people who don’t like church. I don’t think he believes me. Too good to be true!

    Keep up the good work Actionchurch! This truly is a revolution!