Start the Revolution!


We’re kickin’ off a Revolution on Sunday.  Against all odds actionchurch is actually turning “one year old” this month. (I wonder how many people this time last year would have “bet” on that happening? :-))  To celebrate we’re gonna shake things up all over again.  This month we’ll be talking about “why we do what we do”…talking about revolutionaries from the past that have influenced us…talking about what the future looks like for this crazy experiment we call actionchurch.

Through it all we want to hear from you.  Txt in your questions on Sunday.  (Ever wonder about something we do at actionchurch…go ahead-ask)   Become “famous” on Txt Tuesday.  Join in the comments on the Blog…make yourself heard!  We’ll also be having several “Surprise Guests” posting about “church for people who don’t like church” from their unique perspective…it should be fun.

Don’t miss Sunday as we talk about why “Everyone is accepted” at actionchurch.  I think there might be a football (fooseball?) game on later…but I don’t think it’s any big deal.

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