It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

I know it’s only the beginning of August but it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas..

Not because Michele and Reagan have been doing a lot of Christmas Shopping…seriously!

Not because I know we are about two weeks away from the stores putting out they’re Christmas “merchandise”…they do it earlier and earlier every year!

But because… I suck at keeping secrets!!!! Every year I end up telling Michele what her gifts are because I am unable to keep a secret! It’s not a “secret” exactly but It is killing me not to talk about the location that God is providing for actionchurch to meet at on Sunday mornings! I am so excited about the amazing things that have happened for us to be able to rent this venue. I want to tell everyone how it meets our needs and values perfectly…but contracts are not signed and T’s are not crossed so it wouldn’t be wise to announce it yet.

So… “Stay tuned” and pray for me this week as we finish up the “details” on this amazing opportunity to turn York County “inside out” and “upside down”! It’s killing me not to tell you more!

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