Thanks Vanessa!

What if there was a place……where your skills and experiences could actually make a difference in York county, no matter who you are?

Wow, I am really seeing that part of the dream beginning to come true in so many ways. There are so many people using their talents and skills to help us launch this dream we call actionchurch. I am so grateful and amazed.

Here’s a great example that I just have to “tell”. Vanessa at Central Park Town Homes took the time to mount the newspaper story from the dispatch that you see in the picture. She printed out pictures and logos from this blog (I bet she needs a new “black” ink cartridge) to create something really stunning. I’m not sure if I should call it a collage or “blogart” but it tells the story of the “actionchurch car” and I was blown away when she surprised me with it… Here’s where the story gets really amazing, She made four (4!) of these! One for my office, one for Bob’s (car owner/driver)race room, one to display in their maintenance shop, and one for their leasing office! Over time, more people may see the story and learn about actionchurch from her “creations” than from the original news story! Awesome!

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