"Mighty Warriors?"

I love this verse:

1 Samuel 22:2 2 Then others began coming � men who were in trouble or in debt or who were just discontented � until David was the leader of about four hundred men.

The reason why I love this verse so much, is that it documents the “start” of one of the most amazing group of warriors ever assembled! If you read about the exploits of these “bad dudes” in 1 Chron. 11 and 12 it is amazing! One verse says “the weakest of these could take on a hundred regular troops, and the strongest could take on a thousand“! I love the fact that such an amazing army came from such a “humble” beginning.

It makes me think that perhaps God will use a lot of people with “bad” reputations, “bad” attitudes, and even “bad” credit to start something amazing in York, PA. Welcome to actionchurch!

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