Relay for Life

York’s Relay for Life kicks off Friday afternoon (2pm) and runs through Saturday (2pm) at the York School of Technology (I-83 and Queen St).  Once again the actionchurch tent will be right in the middle of the infield, and actionchurch folks will be EVERYWHERE serving at the event.  Thanks to your generous donations, Friday night we will serve dinner at the Survivor Banquet to 550 cancer survivors/caretakers.  actionchurch folks will also be running sound and lighting, a free shaved ice stand, and a free “bounce house” area for the kids at relay.  We’ll have walkers from actionchurch on the track for all 24 hours of the event, so even if you haven’t signed up for anything specific, come on out and be part of the action.

More info:

Jerry and the Doozees play the main stage at 5pm Friday.  If you’d like to come out and cheer on our house band…and maybe carry something heavy over to the stage :-)  as they say in office space- “That would be great”!

If you signed up to be a server at the Survivor Banquet, please be at the “big white tent” by 6:45 (fri night)   The Banquet runs from 7-8 and there will be a quick clean up afterward.

We’ll be “live tweeting” the event.  So if you’d like live updates for your mobile phone or computer, you can follow actionchurch on twitter @   (You might want to ignore the updates after about 3am. :-) )  You can also follow all updates right here on the blog.

Any other Questions?    (we’ll be monitoring the account during relay.)

I can’t stress enough how much I hope you come out and join us at Relay for Life this weekend.  People often ask me “How can I get to know other people at actionchurch?” or  “How can I be part of what actionchurch is doing to serve others in our community?”  There is no greater opportunity for either,  than to join us in our “reindeer games” at Relay.  You will have a tremendous amount of fun, but more than that you will experience first hand what it means when we say that we “Love God, Love people, and Take action”!

Pictures from Sunday

Sunday we talked about the two questions that Jesus asked in Mathew 16:13-20

Who Do “People” Say that I am? 

Who Do you Say that I am?

During the Service Sunday, the crowd was able to text in to our live poll on the screens, about who the “people” in their lives think that Jesus is.   The important lesson from Jesus is that even if EVERYONE believes in a “alternative” Jesus…even if everyone believes Jesus is a Santa Claus figure who rewards “good little boys and girls” or a “Simon Cowell Judge Jesus”…even if everyone believes that- the real answer is “none of the above.”  The Keys to the kingdom are found in believing that (and acting as if) Jesus is the Son of the Living God as Simon Peter did.

If you missed the results of our “test poll”, here’s how it came out.  Someone has a very fast texting iPhone :-)

The BIG STORYof the day is that it looks like we will have about 550 survivors and caretakers at the Survivor Banquet at Relay.  actionchurch folks have put over $2700.00 in our “dishrack of donations” as of Sunday!  That’s right, the Banquet is completely staffed with actionchurch volunteers, and completely PAID FOR by generous actionchurch folks and their friends!  Thanks so much to all of you!

Seriously, do not miss Relay for Life this year.  June 18th (2pm) -19th (ends at 2pm) at the York School of Technology football Field (Queens st. ant I-83)

A New Awakening on stage Sunday.

Fun in the actionkidz area!

Thanks for telling others with Yard Signs

Thanks to Garrett Snyder for all the great Pics (see more here)  Thank you to the great actionchurch crew for making Sunday mornings such an exciting and welcoming time for our friends.   Just wait til next week…

Dinner for 600 update

I couldn’t let the day end without thanking everyone for being a part of sponsoring the Survivor Banquet at Relay for life on June 18th.  Today the actionkidz (Special thanks to Kenna and Chuck) raised over 200 dollars for the banquet with their bake sale/raffle.  All together we are over $1500…more than half way there! 

When 600 Cancer Survivors and Caretakers sit down to eat and celebrate at Relay for life…it will be because ALL of you chose to love God, love people, and PROVE IT by taking action!

Sunday Recap: (Don't) Shoot your Family.

 Sunday at actionchurch we kicked off “the Hood” series by talking about the importance of families.  God invented Families.  He uses the relationships found in families to represent his relationships with us. (Fatherhood, Childhood, Sisterhood, Brotherhood)   Of all the things that He created, he said that all of them were Good…except for man being alone…he said that was “not Good”.  Take the above pictures for example:  Tyler with his wonderful fiance Mercedes-  Good.  Tyler alone- Not Good.  

Seriously, Tyler is responsible for all of the amazing, retro-tastic graphics in the new series. He’s been such a huge addition to the tech/design team.   Both Tyler and Mercedes are valued members of the actionchurch crew and family…but…uhhh…well, I think the photos speak for themselves.  :-)

Speaking of photos,  “Shoot your family”  kicked off Sunday with a Bang!  I loved seeing families getting their free portraits done before and after the service.  I love the serious poses, silly poses, families of all shapes and sizes!  Thanks to Garrett and Rachel for making the whole thing possible.  You can check out the photos here.   (PHOTOS)

We seriously need more crew in the actionkidz area.  Especially the toddlerz section.  God is blessing us with more families each week…and we need your help to make sure we continue to provide great services and programming for their most important component…kids!

I’m really excited that actionchurch is sponsoring the Survivor Dinner at Relay for Life this year.   Just Five dollars gives a cancer survivor/caretaker the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of another relay and be honored for their fight!  Make sure to pick up a card (or 20) and help us raise funds for this really worthy effort.  We’ve sponsored 60+ plates so far…just 540 to go.  Hundreds of cards went out this week…so that number is gonna change-fast!

Thanks to Josiah for creating the card…and making sure it came from the printers DURING the service!    What a morning… 

Thanks to Yesterday is Waiting for being our musical Guest.


The Bible is a story of family. 

God is STILL writing “His-story” with our lives.

Any given day can be a very bad “scene”, and still be part of a great Story!

God blesses us with family to SHARE Faith, Love, and His-story.

Dinner for 600 @ Relay for Life

Every year at Relay for Life one of the most powerful events happens “off the radar” for most of us.  When I think of Relay I think of the walkers, the teams, the music and fun…and yeah my aching feet.  (I’ve got to remember to bring something other that flip flops this year!)

On Friday night during Relay, the Survivor banquet is a time where Cancer survivors and caretakers are honored.  Each year they gather to share a catered meal and celebrate another year successfully battling cancer.  The cancer survivors and caretakers that gather for the banquet are the REASON the relay exists!

As I announced Sunday, we heard that this year the Survivor Banquet needed a sponsor.  It’s been a tough year(s) for all of us…and that certainly affects what people can give to charities such as the American Cancer Society.  

This year actionchurch will be sponsoring the Survivor banquet at Relay for life. (June 18-19)   We’ll be providing  (and serving) dinner for 600.  I can’t think of a more appropriate event for a church that is on a mission to Love God, Love people, and Take action, to sponsor.  The entire Banquet will cost $5/person or $3000.00 total.  We will still be asking actionchurch folks to join us in walking/serving at the relay, but our main fundraising focus this year will be to provide the banquet. 

Is it a big “ask” in a tough economy?  Absolutely.  Can we do it?  Absolutely.  Just as we managed to provide 550+ coats for the York City Schools before Christmas, we’ll do it one small donation at a time.  This Sunday we will be providing sponsorship card to ask our friends and coworkers to sponsor a plate at the banquet.  Just $5 provides a meaningful celebration for someone who has battled cancer for another year, or someone caring for a loved one with cancer.  

Thanks to all of you who donated Sunday for the Banquet.  Thanks to all of you who will use our sponsorship cards to raise donations for the event.  Thanks to all of you who are doing other creative things to raise funds (Jewelry parties , etc???)   

Dinner for 600…here we come.