Sunday Recap: (Don't) Shoot your Family.

 Sunday at actionchurch we kicked off “the Hood” series by talking about the importance of families.  God invented Families.  He uses the relationships found in families to represent his relationships with us. (Fatherhood, Childhood, Sisterhood, Brotherhood)   Of all the things that He created, he said that all of them were Good…except for man being alone…he said that was “not Good”.  Take the above pictures for example:  Tyler with his wonderful fiance Mercedes-  Good.  Tyler alone- Not Good.  

Seriously, Tyler is responsible for all of the amazing, retro-tastic graphics in the new series. He’s been such a huge addition to the tech/design team.   Both Tyler and Mercedes are valued members of the actionchurch crew and family…but…uhhh…well, I think the photos speak for themselves.  :-)

Speaking of photos,  “Shoot your family”  kicked off Sunday with a Bang!  I loved seeing families getting their free portraits done before and after the service.  I love the serious poses, silly poses, families of all shapes and sizes!  Thanks to Garrett and Rachel for making the whole thing possible.  You can check out the photos here.   (PHOTOS)

We seriously need more crew in the actionkidz area.  Especially the toddlerz section.  God is blessing us with more families each week…and we need your help to make sure we continue to provide great services and programming for their most important component…kids!

I’m really excited that actionchurch is sponsoring the Survivor Dinner at Relay for Life this year.   Just Five dollars gives a cancer survivor/caretaker the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of another relay and be honored for their fight!  Make sure to pick up a card (or 20) and help us raise funds for this really worthy effort.  We’ve sponsored 60+ plates so far…just 540 to go.  Hundreds of cards went out this week…so that number is gonna change-fast!

Thanks to Josiah for creating the card…and making sure it came from the printers DURING the service!    What a morning… 

Thanks to Yesterday is Waiting for being our musical Guest.


The Bible is a story of family. 

God is STILL writing “His-story” with our lives.

Any given day can be a very bad “scene”, and still be part of a great Story!

God blesses us with family to SHARE Faith, Love, and His-story.

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