Pictures from Sunday

Sunday we talked about the two questions that Jesus asked in Mathew 16:13-20

Who Do “People” Say that I am? 

Who Do you Say that I am?

During the Service Sunday, the crowd was able to text in to our live poll on the screens, about who the “people” in their lives think that Jesus is.   The important lesson from Jesus is that even if EVERYONE believes in a “alternative” Jesus…even if everyone believes Jesus is a Santa Claus figure who rewards “good little boys and girls” or a “Simon Cowell Judge Jesus”…even if everyone believes that- the real answer is “none of the above.”  The Keys to the kingdom are found in believing that (and acting as if) Jesus is the Son of the Living God as Simon Peter did.

If you missed the results of our “test poll”, here’s how it came out.  Someone has a very fast texting iPhone :-)

The BIG STORYof the day is that it looks like we will have about 550 survivors and caretakers at the Survivor Banquet at Relay.  actionchurch folks have put over $2700.00 in our “dishrack of donations” as of Sunday!  That’s right, the Banquet is completely staffed with actionchurch volunteers, and completely PAID FOR by generous actionchurch folks and their friends!  Thanks so much to all of you!

Seriously, do not miss Relay for Life this year.  June 18th (2pm) -19th (ends at 2pm) at the York School of Technology football Field (Queens st. ant I-83)

A New Awakening on stage Sunday.

Fun in the actionkidz area!

Thanks for telling others with Yard Signs

Thanks to Garrett Snyder for all the great Pics (see more here)  Thank you to the great actionchurch crew for making Sunday mornings such an exciting and welcoming time for our friends.   Just wait til next week…

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  1. How fantastic is that!! We were able to meet another need in the community – meeting our goal for the Survivor Dinner! But, don’t stop raising funds and doing what you are doing…The Actionchurch Relay Team also raises money for the American Cancer Society – so if you have a fundraiser in the works – keep it coming!