All you need is Love


“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your soul, and all your mind and all your strength…..” Luke 10:27

Back in my younger, youth ministry days, they dressed me up in some shepherd type get up, made out of old bed sheets and we transformed the entire lower level and parking lot of the church into Galilee…..complete with palm trees, tents and goats. (Yes, goats!) One of the songs for that year’s Vacation Bible School focused on the bible verse above. Like most songs designed to engage children, it had motions to go with the words……that for the life of me I just couldn’t quite master. (Maybe that’s why I’m not in youth ministry anymore!) I was always making muscles when we were supposed to be shaping a heart or pointing towards our heads.

But I loved encouraging the kids with that verse from Luke, because it always seemed to me that if you are busy loving God with ALL of all of the parts of you, there wouldn’t be much room for getting in to trouble, or causing pain, or being mean.

Oh, and by the way –

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Somehow that part of Luke 10:27 always gets dotted out of the quote. Maybe it just wasn’t catchy enough to fit in the song. But the notion of loving others is such a powerful concept that it gets repeated over and over again throughout the new testament. Jesus emphasizes it frequently. And here at actionchurch we emblazon it on everything that is stationary for longer than five seconds:

Love God
Love people
Take action

Not original. But oh, so powerful!

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