Ronald McDonald House Donation List


At PSU Hershey Children’s Hospital, the Ronald McDonald house relies upon donations to set up gift/activity carts for patients. Patients are able to choose items to help provide comfort and entertainment while they are undergoing care and treatment. Many donations that the Ronald McDonald House receives are geared toward smaller children. As a result, the teens in the hospital are often left with less to do while staying in the hospital for treatment.

Thanks to Jeanne Walton seeing this need and deciding to take action, actionchurch will be supporting a donation drive to help secure items for these teens.

Items that are needed:

Jigsaw Puzzles (50 pieces)
Card games (UNO, etc)
Coloring pencils & pencil sharpeners
Small hand lotions (NOT hotel samples)
Adult coloring books (geometric shapes or patterns are good, smaller ones if possible)
Magazines (appropriate for teens)
Reading books or comic books
Activity books (like trivia, mazes, word searches, easy crossword puzzles, easy Sudoku, etc.)

Chewing Gum (individual packages, any flavor)

Also, to help alleviate mouth sores from chemo treatments, donations of Chapstick, Lipsmackers, and EVO lip balms are always urgently needed. Please Select untinted and “gender neutral” flavored/packaging.

Please bring items to church on January 24th!
Thanks for your generosity and support!

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