Cars and Cogs


“Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.”

1 John 3:18


Common knowledge – my guys are motor heads. Pedal bikes have been passé for them since they were about four years old. I love when they gather around a car with the hood up, stare at the engine and start to talk “car”.   I like listening to them when they get together with other actionchurch guys who are more comfortable in the garage than the living room..…’s like they are speaking a different language.

“It’s a small block 350 4 speed, but it would be really boss if it was a 396 big block.”

“12 bolt posi rear?” – “Well, yeah!”

“OH – look! That’s a 2SS RS 6.2….” “Awesome! 425 factory horse.”   “Man! 6 speed – but what’s the tranny like?”

Honestly – I don’t understand – Not. One. Single. Word. Oh, they ecstatically point out what they are talking about. And they would more than gladly take the time to try to educate me.  My typical response is usually something like……. “OOoooo – that’s a pretty red color!”  The extent of my car knowledge is – if you get in, turn the key and the gas light isn’t on – you can go.

Even though we aren’t even close to understanding each other, or speaking the same language – it is strikingly clear by their actions that they LOVE cars. They love everything about them. They like the way they look – and LOVE the way they sound. They like how the mechanisms work. They get excited by how they move – especially when they are moving fast. They like the emblems…..the styles……the nostalgia…..the history of everything automotive.   And it shows in their body language, their facial expressions, and even the excitement in their voices as they talk about – well, ….. pieces of metal.

And, hearing them extoll the virtues of a 1970 Chevelle – it makes me wonder sometimes what language I am speaking when non- believers hear me talk about the gospel. Do they really understand the meaning of my actionT or the actioncog symbol on my window.  If they don’t understand my words – are they able to see my love for Christ in my actions. Is it clear from the look on my face that I love and believe the words that I speak. Am I excited about the message that I am proclaiming………

As we wrap up the Dashboard Series and as you go through your daily life – whether you are talking about cars or explaining the cog in the actionchurch logo – make certain that the love part is what is shining through.

Love God

Love people

Take action



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