actionchurch for North York

This morning we announced something that was either 2 or 8 years in the making (depends who you ask). actionchurch has been given a building! More specifically, the former Belmont/Club XS on 36 West 11th Avenue York, PA 17404. This is just a quick overview, we know that you’ll have more questions and we’ll be sharing more as the week and month goes on!

For North York

We’ve been a portable church since 2011, and meeting in rented spaces since we started in 2008. While it will be nice to not load and unload a truck every Sunday, this isn’t an excuse for us to relax, or stop working and serving. We are doing this for North York.  Everyone is welcome at actionchurch, no cover charge or dress code! We couldn’t ask for a better location, George Street, Route 30, Interstate 83 and the Susquehanna trail!

Some Assembly Required

In the spirit that we received this building, we’ve decided to renovate debt free. This means that we’re going to cash-flow the cleaning, demo, building children’s areas, painting, and carpeting. We’ve got three stages planned and we’re going to take it slow. This will allow us to continue to serve the community instead of the bank!! Long term we want to paint outside, doing some roofing, resurface the parking lot, and do some landscaping. And inside we want to create a larger hospitality/multi-use space for groups and Sunday mornings, plus more kids space! Everything is in the box, we have the parts we need and some of money is still in your account! ;-) As we’ve talked previously at actionchurch, all of God’s gifts come some assembly required.


The last and most important part of this equation is you. We need people to clean, demo, renovate, hammer, build, fix, tinker, paint, cook, design or any adjective you can relate to getting the building ready! You have the skills and abilities to make this happen. Invite you friends, invest your money and get to work with us! We are so excited to, alongside you, love God, love people and take action in North York!

Our first work day is January 31st! Interested in helping out? Shoot us an email with your name, number, and how you can help.

Questions about actionchurch in general? Hit us up at


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