(BIG!) Sunday @ actionchurch


Every Sunday is important at actionchurch.  They all count.  Whatever the season…whatever the sermon series…every week is potentially someone’s first  (or last) week in church, and we take that very seriously.   (I actually had a conversation this week with someone who remembered the Sunday over 5 years ago when a Blizzard made it impossible to have services at Club 19, but actionchurch folks still had a Sunday “service” by digging out blocked cars in North York Borough.  Every Sunday counts!).

Some Sundays; however, are “BIGGER” than others.  This week is one of those “Big” Sundays!  We will be making a BIG announcement…we’ve got BIG news!  More than anything, we are going to make a BIG DEAL about how grateful we are to our BIG GOD for transplanting each one of us and allowing us to flourish together as a church!

Enough “BIG talk”.  :-)  Just make every effort to join us Sunday and bring a family member who is curious about what this whole “church thing” you do every week is all about.   We’ve got Awakening Mercury as our musical guests AND we’re premiering the brand new “Spring Line” of actiongroups. You can also expect all the normal food and fun that makes actionchurch ANYTHING but a normal Sunday morning at church! Just show up at Frank Theaters Queensgate at 10:30 am (DIRECTIONS), and as usual, the actionkidz crew has a fantastic hour of learning and fun planned for your kids (infant to 6th grade) as well.

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