Sunday @ actionchurch


I’m so excited to have five Sundays in the month of  September.  We’re gonna need them. There is simply so much good stuff to do this month that I am grateful to have an extra week to get everything in.    First of all, we’re starting a great new series…with a pretty dumb name.  I know that I will have to explain EVERY TIME I mention the new series title “Bro-CODE” that its for “sisters” as well.  BUT…actionchurch has a LONG HISTORY of really great things…with really bad names.  Remember the “Cold kids Suck” coat drive?  Or, the “BIG-ASK List” giving event?  And speaking of silly names…This week is the beginning of the “Food-nado” to restock the shelves at Harvest of Hope food pantry. (details here)   Please bring your non-perishible food items starting this Sunday.

Most of all, I’m excited that the things we will learn from scripture this month during the “Bro-CODE” series will:  Change our church for the better, Change our individual lives for the better, and (most importantly) change what everyone we come in contact with thinks of Jesus and his followers FOR THE BETTER!

Sunday will also feature some great rock n roll from the Divine Air and actionkidz will be continuing  their “Heroes of Mega-city” Series.  There’s really just too much going on Sunday to list…so you probably should just make plans to be there.  As always there will also be loads of yummy Maple Donuts, Muffins, Bagels, Hot Coffee, water,  and great actionchurch people to hang with.   It all starts at 10:30 am  at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions).


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