Big Ask List

Alright everyone.   Here’s the list of all the items needed for Sarah Jones Orphanage in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. (Want to know why we get behind “Big Ask Projects” like this?  Read here)   The time we have to collect these items is VERY short, so this is gonna get all kinds of crazy up in here.  Step one is to begin to collect these items.  Need a little inspiration?   Check out Sarah’s story on her blog here:   Thank you in advance actionchurch…I know that together we can do amazing things for Sarah and her girls!  -Don

***UPDATE***   We will have a drop off point starting this Sunday (9/2) for any of the small items you may have.  We will also have info at  “Big ASK” table about the sponsoring the girls at the orphanage, sign up lists for items, and will be taking donations for the large appliance.  ALL ITEMS have to be collected no later than Sunday 9/16.  We’ve got a little over two weeks to be part of a miracle!   Don’t miss Sunday as Kenna lays out the plan!  In the mean time, please contact us if you have any questions or have any of the larger items on the list.

Sarah’s List:

Large Items for the Clinic/my future home with the 18 girls

Basic Refrigerator (Shipping from USA -New $500)

Freezer Chest   (Shipping from USA-New $300)

Gas Stove  (Shipping from USA-New $500)

Washing Machine    (Shipping from USA-New $600)

Bunk Beds for 7 rooms  (Purchasing in country Donations needed)

Plastic sets of dressers for 7 rooms  (Purchasing in country Donations needed)

Initial Medicinal Needs (products for cold/flu/ear ache/infections)…

Smaller, One-time Needs:

Food processor

Grain Mill

Pizza Stone

Large Stainless Steel Cookware, w/o coating (Stock Pots, Skillets, Sauce Pans)

Cast Iron cookware/bakeware also

Large Crock Pot

Large Plastic Shelf Organizers (2)

Shower Curtain Rods, Curtain Rods, and bars for hanging clothes

Twin Bed Sheet Sets/Microthrows/Pillows for boys and girls

Large Storage Containers (Rubbermaid/Sterilite)

Lock sets (4)

Quality lanterns and flashlights

Quality Scale (to track weight progress of children)

Garden Preparation (seeds, tools, etc)

Large White Erase Board

Large White Erase Calendar

Large Wall Map


Hair Scissors and Buzzers (for grooming girls and boys)

Paint (to prepare the clinic to be kid-friendly) and rollers/pans/brushes

Typing programs in Spanish (to teach children how to use computers)

Ongoing Needs (both financial and goods/other):

Medicinal supplies (iodine, essential oils, cold/flu…)

Multivitamins, probiotics, and fish oil supplements

Hygiene Items

Bars of soap

Hand soap (pump)


Hair accessories (ties, clips, headbands, claws, bobby pins…)


Feminine Hygiene (lites, day, night pads only)

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste


Astringent & Cottonballs

Entertainment/Activities for Children

Children’s Reading Books (in Spanish)

Appropriate Family DVD’s (with Spanish subtitles or audio tracks please)

Card games & board games (that can be understood in Spanish)

Toys (soccer balls, nerf footballs, jump ropes, hullahoops, dodge balls, etc)


Undergarments for all ages (less toddlers & adults, most 8-16 yr olds)


Training bras, sports bras, regular bras

Undershirts (boys) & Camis (girls)

Belts for little boys and teenagers/adults

Pants for boys/teenagers (especially jeans and dress pants)

Skirts & Dresses for girls/teenagers (especially sizes 12-16, and 0-4 womens)


Croc-style play shoes for ALL ages (boys and girls)

Dress shoes for boys/teenagers/men

Dress shoes for girls/teenagers (not too high of heels)

Tennis Shoes/running shoes for ALL ages (boys and girls)

Sandals/Flip-flops for girls

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