POWERDOWN for Relay for Life


This February, we spent our Sunday services focusing on how Jesus chose to empower his followers instead of holding power for himself.  Instead of forming a patented and trademarked “Jesus Inc.” and setting himself up as CEO, he gave away the power to do ALL of the amazing things he did to his followers.  It was a revolutionary plan, and because of it, we are still part of that same movement that Jesus started when he walked the earth. It’s the model we will follow as we grow and progress as a church.

This June 22nd-23rd, actionchurch will serve at our 8th Relay for Life event.   I think this years Relay leadership team is a Great example of how the POWERDOWN principles Jesus taught actually work!

Year one, I was the team Captain.  (Even though Michele did most of the actual organizing work)   York Relay for Life York was the first event we served at…nearly 18months before having our first Sunday service at Fat Daddies Nightclub.  I worked for weeks in advance getting our brand new logo printed on a tent, and making sure our first actionchurch T-shirts were just right.  (I have always loved that part!)  There were FIVE of us on the team.  We (mostly Michele) walked for 24 hours and donated $1000 dollars.

Three years ago Michele pointed out the great leadership and event planning skills that Kenna Schaller had been demonstrating.  We asked Kenna to be our Relay team Captain.   Since then, our Relay for Life efforts have grown EXPONENTIALLY.   Last year alone, Kenna recruited 85+ volunteers.  As a church we supplied Free Starbucks coffee all night for the participants.  We supplied and served a full breakfast for all participants in the morning.  actionchurch volunteers manned (and womanned) free bounce houses that we supplied for the littlest Relay participants.  Others served amazing shaved ice, and then donated all proceeds from our church owned stand to the event.  Countless others walked and raised funds for the American Cancer Society.  It’s simply amazing to see what has come from our tiny beginnings, just by empowering ONE servant/leader like Kenna.

In just a few weeks Kenna will be sharing with you a plan to serve the Relay for Life event as a church that will make every year before PALE in comparison.   We’re going to Love God, Love people, and take action in outrageously generous ways!   Here’s how I KNOW we will be successful.  At this weeks team leader meeting,  Kenna had TWELVE talented and passionate division leaders…or shall we say “disciples”,  ready to lead teams of volunteers and totally raise our level of “serve” this year!  THAT is the POWERDOWN principle in action.

***You might be wondering what I do since Kenna is leading our Relay team.   I get to do what I have ALWAYS loved.   I just purchased a brand new black logo’d tent, can’t wait to see two of them at the event.   Yesterday I inventoried the shaved Ice flavor syrups and placed and order for more. Soon, I’ll get to “test drive” a 19ft tall Monster Truck Bounce house we’ll be providing for this event and others.  My job is to make sure our great team has the supplies and tools they need…and I LOVE it!!!   Btw, the new line of T-shirts is going to be amazing this year. :-)


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