Spring 2013 actiongroups

On Sunday, I shared with everyone my actiongroups story. I decided to “try out” an actiongroup and it led me to incredible positive changes in my life like accountability, friends, and a social life (I seriously had none before actiongroups).

My challenge to all of you is to “try out” an actiongroup this spring. Now is the time to do it. We have NINE incredible groups and there’s a group for everyone:

  • Ladies
  • Men
  • College Students
  • Middle School and High School Students
  • People who like to work out (or people who need to workout)
  • People who care about getting their finances in order
  • People who like board games
  • People who like to smoke a cigar every now and then
  • People who like conversing and gaining insight from the Bible with friends

Instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, I’ll send you over to our actiongroups web page for more information on each of the actiongroups and when they meet: http://actionchurch.com/actiongroups/

The actiongroups for the spring will be kicking off in February on their respective days of the week. There’s plenty of time to contemplate and sign up for an actiongroup. Just make sure that you do at least “try” one of them. If you have any questions or want to sign up, just e-mail groups@actionchurch.com

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