The Great Bonfire Debate

Here’s more about Friday’s bonfire from Kenna. Are you Team “Forest fire”, or Team “like a candle in the wind”? -Don

Bon-fire vs. campfire. Bambi’s forest fire or Kumbaya with the girl scouts. The debate rages on. No matter which side of this hot bed of controversy you roast your hot dog on you are bound to get burned in the end. Being a mom/multi-tasker (with a perverted sense of humor) – I thought it might be quirky to see how many political debate puns AND synonyms for fire I could combine in one blog. It’s been a long running joke between Josiah and I whether the fall event would include a raging Lord of the Flies conflagration that you could see from outer space, or a quiet, cozy, from the movies kind of campfire where you can lightly toast your marshmallow to a golden brown.

Everyone has an opinion about which type of blaze they prefer. Your choice of flame is probably reflective (get it ☺ ) of your smaller, inner circle of experience rather than on a larger “world view” of fire. It may be based on what type of inferno your family thought was “normal”. Current circumstances might factor into your choice. If you have small children you might prefer them cooked the whole way through Instead of charbroiled on one side and raw on the other. If you like to relive the glory days of college frat parties you might want us to perform a Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego play – complete with fiery furnace on Friday night.

However, the more I think about Don’s message from the In God We Trust series, the more I believe everything should be LESS about our own view point/preferences and MORE about God.

Here’s the thing. Johnny and Rick have planned the campfire very well. The men’s group has done an awesome job of gathering supplies. They made certain that we have both plenty of kindling AND plenty of seasoned solid wood to even the fire out. They are bringing five gallon buckets for water to keep the fire under control. There will be garden implements (clean shovels only) to make sure the fire is banked for the night.
But no matter what we do as mere humans, the ultimate decision on what happens with our fire – and with our lives – depends on God. HE is in control and we ARE NOT. That simple, gang. The kindling could burn out before the oak starts to simmer. The wood could get damp and be difficult to start. The weather may be too windy for a safe fire. Heck, God could even decide that it should snow in October or something crazy like that.
And it’s the same for our lives. We can’t see the future, and we don’t often know the reasons why things happen. Sometimes we pray and pray and pray and it seems like our prayers aren’t answered. I do, however, know this. All things happen for the good. GOD’S good.
Long campfire tale short – this Friday is our annual Bon-Fire Celebration. It is a great opportunity to introduce your family and friends to your actionchurch family and friends. Friday, October 19th from 6:00 until 10:00 at Locust Lane Pavilion and Park, there will be plenty of food and fun. Bring a camp chair (See – Josiah they don’t have “bon” chairs). Invite someone new. We promise to be “normal”.


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