actionchurch Crew Member: Josiah Katz

He’s been called many things because he wears many hats. Interviewing him like I have the other crew members would not have given his sarcasm and quick wit justice, so (his idea, not mine, even though I completely act like it’s mine) we recorded the interview live in his humble home in downtown York. Meet the man that produces the service every Sunday, does the service introduction, the ending announcements, sets-up, cleans-up, and keeps Pastor Don in line (or is it the other way around?): Josiah Katz!

Ready for an actionchurch crew member interview like no other? If you tried to read a transcript of this interview, it would probably be completely misinterpreted because of the great amount of sarcasm and mischievousness. Download the podcast below for a quick listen today into the life of Josiah Katz.

Special thanks to Rachel Katz for cooking up a fantastic dinner beforehand and putting up with Josiah and I throughout this interview. Thanks to Saj (Jason) Epperson, Kate Jones, and Jacki Smith for providing questions for this interview.

I apologize for our bad jokes, sarcasm, inappropriateness, off-topic conversations, snide comments, my loud voice, my laugh, lies, and general awkwardness.

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