The Next Big Thing…

Take a few moments to read this great thought from Kenna, who did such an AMAZING job with her team organizing, communicating, and fulfilling the BigASKlist project. I could not agree more…on all accounts!  And, don’t forget,  Sarah Jones will be sharing her story that inspired  the entire generosity project tomorrow (9/30) during the service!-  Don

Events remind me of amusement park rides.  Sometimes they are like ferris wheels – they go up and around and come back again – like Relay for Life.  Sometimes they seem really scary like roller coasters when you first start them.  Or sometimes they are low key like the train ride.

But, for me, the Bigask Task was like the sling shot ride on the amusement pier!  Before I knew it I was in that seat looking up at a staggering amount of “asks” – and then, we launched up like a rocket AND  almost as quickly it was over.  Done.  Complete.  Even BEFORE I had time to throw up. J

And just like at Hershey Park – you climb off one ride – super excited, filled with adrenaline and run to get in line for another ride.

So, what’s the next thrill?  What’s actionchurch’s next project?  Sorry.  I don’t know.  I would like to tell you that we have a calendar of giving and serving opportunities lined up through the next year.  I would like to tell you that they are super organized, easy to understand, complete with paperwork and forms and catchy graphics.  Sorry.  It just doesn’t work that way in our church, and here’s why.  Inside our camp we wait for God.  Before we take off on a project – God has to speak to us.  Because, quite simply – if God isn’t in it – we won’t succeed.  No one wants to take on a project that is going to fail.  I could MAKE UP giving opportunities.  I could probably convince someone that we should raise money to install an in-ground pool in my backyard so that Don could do baptisms more often.  That seems like a good thing.  Baptism and all.

Or, we could try to plan something in advance.   That seems smart.  “If you would have told me about the BigAsk List last week, deodorant was on sale at Walmart – 2 for a $1.00 and I had a coupon.”  Or my favorite was the Cold Kids Suck project – my mom was sure that we should wait for the end of the season when coats were on sale……but mom, the kids are cold NOW!

And that’s the bottom line.  We want to be a church that can swing into action WHEN the need arises.  WHEN God speaks to us – we need to be ready to hear his voice.   We can’t move into action before we know what he wants us to do.  Every day we can love God, love people and take action.  God could be speaking to you – personally.  There are opportunities to serve EVERYWHERE.   He wants you and I to do “events” each and every day.  Solo.

As far as events for actionchurch are concerned, I’m waiting.  And listening.  And impatient – just like you.  Because when one event is over – I can’t wait to get back in line for the next one.


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