Big Ask’s (From the past)

Yesterday (8/26) we announced a “Big Ask Project” that we felt we need to jump into as a church.   Sarah Jones (sister of our awesome Kate Jones who teaches actionkidz) is a missionary to Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras.  She has a small orphanage there that needs supplies to be able to provide for the children that will be living with her there.   As a church, we want to find the items on her “Big Ask list” and fill up her “Big Ask Truck” with the supplies she needs to love and serve the children at the orphanage.

We JUST heard of this need a little over a week ago.  Just got a detailed list this week.   We have only a FEW WEEKS to deal with this “Big Ask Need”! :-)   It’s crazy.  It’s humanly impossible.   But….we are a church that believes in Loving God, Loving People, and taking action.  We believe (and have SEEN) God do amazing things when we work together and bring all that we have to him.  If you are new to actionchurch,  here’s some “Big Ask’s” from the past:

Extreme Christmas Makeover 2008:  COMPLETELY filled a formerly homeless families home with furniture, supplies and Christmas gifts.  Read about it here.
500 Coats for York Elementary:   Supplied 550+ new coats to York elementary schools.  Who can forget the catchy slogan “Cold kids suck”.  (and you thought “big ask” was bad) :-)
Dinner for 600 (Survivor Banquet):  Can’t forget the first time we served dinner for 600 Cancer survivors at Relay for Life.  Also the first time that “Big Ask” appeared in print.   Read about it here:
Project Housewarming 2011:  A recent reminder of how MUCH can happen in a very short window of opportunity when actionchurch folks put their backs behind it.  Read about it here:
Those are just a few of the times we have trusted God, worked hard, given more than we thought possible…and witnessed a miracle. All of them happened when we were a smaller church with far fewer resources.  We have been blessed, and I believe it’s time to do it again. What’s your favorite “Big Ask Project” at actionchurch?
Stand by for the “Big Ask List”…

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