Extreme Christmas Makeover

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Here we go! Below is the master wishlist for the family we are “adopting” for Christmas at actionchurch in partnership with Bridge of Hope -York County. Our family now has a place to live…but little else. We’re going to change that! On Sunday you will be able to take an ornament (marked with a specific item) off the “Extreme Christmas tree” at church…If you see something on the list that you definitely want to provide before we put them up for grabs…let us know. Questions about other items? info@actionchurch.com

What you can do to help: Donate an Item or service, or make a cash donation to actionchurch. This is an “all skate” event. We will not be taking up separate donations. Instead, we will be purchasing some of the larger items from regular church donations.

The “Rules”: All appliances, electronics, toys, and clothing should be new. Furniture may be in “as new” condition. Let’s do this in the spirit of the Extreme Home Makeover show…our goal is not to gather second hand items…the family could do that themselves…our plan is to completely “overwhelm” this family with love and generosity this Christmas! Two of our core beliefs are “Doing nothing half-way” and “Giving- with no strings attached”! Let’s put them into action!

Stay tuned for more details on Sunday…

The Master List

Houshold Needs

Washer and Dryer- . purchased by the actionchurch family…thanks
Kitchen Table and Chairs- Rectangular is needed – Donated-thanks
Sofa Couch. The townhome is only a two bedroom and she has a boy and girl 8-10 and they have the two bedrooms. Our Mom has a twin size bed in the livingroom where she sleeps. A daybed that could be disguised as living room furniture would be fine. -Donated-thanks
Set of pots and pans –Donated-thanks
DVD/VCR Combo -Donated-thanks
Larger TV ( they have a 13 inch in the LR. No Cable, doesn’t plan on getting it.
Small Deep Freeze for ahead meal prep and freezing. Her freezer is tiny. -Donated-thanks!

10 year old Boy- Blonde Hair Blue Eyes (Loves anything Scooby Doo, this would be an ideal theme for his room)

new dress shoes for church size 2 black preferably -Donated-thanks
new sneakers ) loves Vans- his are way to small. Donated-thanks
dress shirts – and camoflauge themed clothes ( size 8/10) he very thin and somewhat tall. Likes plaid shirts too. Donated-thanks
a complete bed set, sheets, comforter, blanket, new pillow, curtains ( Scooby Doo) Window is 84 inches wide- drapes would be ideal. Donated-thanks
an alarm clock -Donated-thanks
new jeans, snap button only Donated-thanks
new slippers. The floor is carpeted but it is cold. Donated-thanks

Christmas wish list…

the Scooby Do and the Goblin King DVD- has a couple VHS movies but cant watch .em they don’t have a playe Donated-thanks
Has a living room lamp in his room, wants a normal lamp Donated-thanks
Loves to draw- has no crayons, markers, coloring pencils, paper, etc. Donated -thanks
Likes to tye dye
Likes science and mystery books
Likes spongebob
Play Swords -Donated Thanks
Toy Box Donated -thanks
Christian Music CD’s preferably the kids versions of todays hits. WOW Worship for kids? Donated thanks
Guitar Hero, but has nothing to play it on
Santa Claus Costume
Nintendo DS ( Scooby and Spongebob games) Purchased by actionchurch…thanks for your donations
Wallet size frames to give his school pictures as Christmas gifts. Donated Thanks
Electronic Monopoly Game? Donated thanks

The 9 year old girl- Blonde Hair Green eyes

Complete bed set and curtains as the 10 year old boy, only she likes the Philadelphia Eagles 1st and Nascar 2nd
Bed Frame for a twin bed, that is currently on the floor
Donated Thanks!
Alarm Clock

Christmas Wish List

Prankster Kits _ Fake bugs, whoopee cushions, etc
Spiderman Toys
Play Swords
Nerf Guns

Edit: Here is her complete Christmas wish list.

Guitar Hero
Nintendo DS purchased by actionchurch…thanks for your donations.
XBOX 360 purchased by actionchurch…thanks for your donations
Pokemon Books Donated-thanks
Shrek “Operation” Game -donated thanks!
Shrek Stuffed Animal -donated thanks!
DVD- Shrek the Halls -donated thanks!
Spongebob Square Pants- DVD Donated-thanks
Music CD – Kids WOW Worship Donated-thanks
Eagles PJ’s Donated-thanks
SpongeBob thermal underwear Donated-thanks
Toy Fire Truck Donated-thanks
Tonka Dump Trucks Donated-thanks
West Coast OCC Choppers Shirt Donated-thanx
Magnetix Set Donated thanks
Lycos – Star Wars
Toy Dinosaurs

General Family needs:

– Mom wants to theme her kitchen with lighthouses
Trash cans for bathroom and kitchen Donated Thanks
Pots and pans (complete set for cooking and baking)
Electric Can Opener Donated Thanks
Basic household tool kit- Hammer, nails, screwdrivers, picture hangers, etc Donated Thanks
Welcome Mat Donated Thanks
Hampers for the kids rooms Donated thanks
First Aide Kit
Entrance way rug Donated thanks!
Broom and Dust Pan Donated Thanks
Vacumn Donated thanks
Coffee Table Donated Thanks
Bathroom Towels and washcloths Donated thanks
Shower Curtain and liner. She only has a liner and it is see through.- No color scheme or them to the bathroom. Donated Thanks
Robes for the kids Donated Thanks
Food Storage containers ( Rubbermaid, etc)
Bakers rack of small worktop cart. Her counter space is almost non existent Donated Thanks
Dishrack for clean dishes – no dishwasher Daonated Thanks
Ice cube trays Donated thanks!
Oil Changes/Tire Rotation- General Maintenance for her vehicle –
donated thanks!
Haircuts for all donated Thanks!
General Cleaning supplies
Paper products.

As Tye would say…”let’s get to shopping”!

2 thoughts on “Extreme Christmas Makeover

  1. Don,

    Sending a $50 Sears gift card from snow country. Hope it can be used. Keep up the good works.


  2. Thanks Dave,
    So cool to see so many people already jumping on board. This is going to be a Christmas this family will not forget…they have no idea right now how many people they do not even know are thinking of them!