Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-25

  • So blown away by the creativity, thoughtfulness, and generosity of the actionchurch family. Thank you all so much! -the Records #
  • “@GarrettSnyder: new @actionchurch photos up”. // check 'em out at #
  • actionchurch folks: The amazing "Jesus" things you do during the week are affecting FAR more people than I EVER can on Sunday! #keepitup #
  • I've never been great in social situations…but if someone calls you "buddy", "chief", and "pal", they're mocking you, right? :-) #
  • Thankful for all the churches having great Christmas and Christmas Eve services this weekend. Thanks for the hospitality! #
  • Awkward "Merry Christmas texts from someone not in your contacts" has officially replaced the "Christmas card from someone you don't know" #
  • Merry Christmas everyone! #awkwardmerrychristmastweet #

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