Sunday @ actionchurch

This Sunday will be the Finale of the First World Problems Series.  I know there is snow predicted for Saturday , but Sunday we still plan to recap all the things we’ve learned about living a happy and contented life, learn three more things that you can be grateful for on ANY day, and celebrate communion together as a church family.

Your kids will enjoy wearing their costumes to actionkidz, our friends from Ninth Hour Legacy will be providing the Rock,  and we still plan on having a Bonfire at 3 in the afternoon unless the entire planet is covered with snow and all fire is forever extinguished :-)  (stay tuned for details here).

It all starts 10:30 am at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions).  Come earlier to enjoy free coffee, free Maple Donuts, and a great opportunity to hang with actionchurch folks.

Until then, make sure to buy all the Bread and Milk at the grocery store.

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