Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-09

  • Just got a reminder from @oXDeniseReneeXo that we need to reorder more Bibles and Talk-Back cards for Sunday mornings. Love to hear that! #
  • My Thumb is sort of tired from lighting the pilot lights on our gas fireplaces. Glad I only have to do that once a yr.
    #firstworldproblems #
  • Now you can listen to Sunday's podcast…AND see the keynote slides. What will they think of next, moving pictures? #
  • I think the reason why our new series, #firstworldproblems is resonating has more to do with listening than speaking: #
  • Nothing better than being "reminded" of scripture that you didn't even remember. Can't wait to share Sunday. #
  • Love the "First World Problems" series. Instead of struggling to craft sermon illustrations I can just whine about my petty problems. :-) #
  • Here's what's happening in this weeks episode of First World Problems at actionchurch Sunday: #
  • God is good…even when I am not. #
  • Talking about Jonah and the worm tomorrow. Yeah, you heard me. Jonah and the WORM. :-) #

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