Sunday @ actionchurch

Last Sunday, we kicked off the “First World Problems” by talking about living lives of contentment and happiness.   We talked about how neither MORE stuff…nor LESS stuff actually guarantee happiness.  (If you missed last weeks service you can listen in by clicking on the podcasts tab above).  This week we will talk about “The Secret”…the secret that Paul said he had learned, that allowed him to live with contentment no matter what his living situation, bank balance, or stress level.

Would you like to know “the Secret”?   If you would, just show up before 10:30 am at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions) to enjoy coffee, Maple Donuts, a chance to hang with actionchurch folks, and of course…learn about “The Secret”.  The band “Bold Face Truth” will be providing the rock Sunday, and your kids will love actionkidz’ new “Boot Camp” teaching series.

Invite someone today!

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