Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-18

  • Hey actionchurch, I just heard of a really great a/c family that got hit HARD by the flood. Want to help change that? #FB #staytuned #
  • "Listening to Ivoryline all week is getting me excited for @actionchurch – that's right, I'm pre-gaming for church this Sunday-@ryan_s_wood #
  • I wonder if the Gyro Bowl would help me not spill everything I touch… Hmmm #
  • Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star for "not being creative" in his twenties. Disney company later bought the paper. #dontgiveup #
  • The new actiongroups page is live on the website. Thanks @josiahkatz! You can check it out here: #

  • How am I just hearing about this :-(. #

  • Just had a great talk with Wes from Ivoryline. Looking forward to hearing them Sunday! (he was confirming we really wanted a rock band) :) #
  • My daughter played Smurf Village on my iPhone this wkend. Now along w/ tweets, texts, emails and calls I need to harvest a potato crop. :-/ #
  • Ever wondered why actionchurch is represented by a gear in all our branding? Heres why: (and why it still matters) #

  • But when you give to someone in need, don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. -Jesus.

    (Matthew 6:3 NLT) #

  • RT @DowntownHowell: Don't ask volunteers to help out, ask them to take ownership. – Norma Miess
    // Every Time! (via @josiahkatz) #
  • Last week my "cooking segment" was a disaster,but this week in "Community Cookbook" we are talking about Baking. I will be redeemed! #fb #
  • Never listened to Ivoryline until @ryan_s_wood booked them for this Sunday at actionchurch. I ended up buying their album on iTunes. #sogood #
  • Best live accident description ever. You are welcome. :-) #

  • Ivoryline, actiongroups, heaven, and chocolate chip cookies. If you miss it you'll hate yourself in the morning :-) #

  • When you walk in obedience to God- you should not be surprised when you see the miracles of God.

    -Craig Groeschel #

  • actionchurch- if you BRING ALL your friends and family tomorrow to hear Ivoryline and the good news about heaven, it will MOVE THE CURTAIN! #
  • " I'm not good at cracking eggs with one hand…oh, neither are you". // @Katz24 referring to last weeks "cooking" segment. :-). #
  • From Ivoryline's Facebook: "Worship is an act of the will and heart. Not a Genre." //Exactly! #
  • At Weiss purchasing my sermon illustration… And some for you to if your at Frank Theaters this morning. :-) #

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