Sunday @ actionchurch

Have you ever been eating a delicious meal,  but couldn’t wait until you were finished, because you KNEW the dessert was so amazing?   That’s the way I feel about this week at actionchurch.  I have so enjoyed teaching and learning about God’s recipe for Community in this series!  It’s been a dream come true to “cook” :-) on  the actionchurch stage.  However, this week is the one I’ve been looking forward to…

This Sunday we will be talking about Heaven, Baking, and chocolate chip cookies!  Even though last week’s cooking segment was a messy “eggy” disaster, this week I will be able to show you something that I believe I can do as well as any Chef in the world.  The response was great last week, and this week we have added even more opportunities to be part of an actiongroup. We also have an amazing band- Ivoryline ( as our musical guest, and your kids will nag you all week if you miss actionkidz.  Make plans to attend…and bring someone!

The service starts at 10:30 am. No need to dress up…just wake up and join us at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions) early to enjoy coffee, Maple Donuts, and a chance to hang with actionchurch folks.

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