Sunday @ actionchurch

This week in the “at the movies” series we’ll be discussing how to escape  when you are being held prisoner by fear.  Scripture, and the Disney movie “Tangled”,  have a LOT to say about where fear comes from…how our insecurities can hold us captive…and how to break free.

I really hope you will take the time to watch “Tangled” by Sunday.  (Note for Men: it’s not EXACTLY a Disney princess movie, or at least that’s what I tell myself…it’s actually very funny…you’ll score big points with your lady for watching it with her…and if you watch it you can probably talk her into watching next weeks movie “True Grit”)

This Sunday the guys from Symphony of Sound will be providing the tunes.  There will clips from the movie that will put a common scripture in a very new light, and your kids will be learning about what the Bible teaches about Friendship in actionkidz.

The service starts at 10:30 am at Frank Theaters Queensgate. (Directions)   No ticket necessary, no lines, and unlike movie concession stand snacks, the coffee, Maple donuts, and bagels are all FREE!  Come early, grab breakfast, and spend Sunday morning “At the movies” with us.

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