actiongroups – The Ultimate Win

As we prepare for our launch this fall I would like to share with you the FTW of actiongroups.  If you recall from our recent series, FTW stands for For The Win.  I believe there is a FTW or what I call an Ultimate Win that comes with actiongroups.  This win is that “No One Walks Alone”.  That no one would walk through life without a community of believers to offer support and understanding.

One model for this win is a miracle performed by Jesus.  During His ministry Jesus had an encounter with and healed ten men with leprosy (Luke 17:11-19).

Having leprosy during Jesus day was a permanent sentence of exclusion.  Leprosy is a contagious disease and individuals with leprosy were forced to live apart from the rest of the society.  If someone came near a leper the leper had to yell, “Unclean, unclean”, to keep people from coming to close.  It would have been socially expectable to Jesus to ignore the lepers and keep moving.

The thing is, Jesus did not ignore the lepers and move on.  Jesus healed the lepers.  Jesus included the lepers in His community.  Jesus did not want anyone to walk alone.

I pray that actiongroups will build a community where No One Walks Alone.

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