Success at work…

This week we’ll finish the “Adventures of Daniel” series.  There are two things that stand out as themes throughout Daniel’s story.

Daniel trusted and honored God.  (No matter what his circumstances were)

Daniel prospered at every job he did.  (No matter how crazy or demanding his boss was.)

In an economy where so many of us are either looking for a job or struggling to keep the one we have, it’s tempting to put those two things together.   It’s tempting to say that if we just trust God, he will “magically” send us to the front of the line at our place of employment.  If we honor God, we’ll always be the one to impress the boss…get the promotion…get the raise.  It sounds great.  Hang a Christian poster in your cubical, stick a “Jesus fish” decal on your lap top,  say a prayer, and prepare to be promoted to CEO.   If only it worked like that… 

Here’s the great news:  I believe that honoring and trusting God actually will bring success (like Daniel) in everything you do.

 As long as…

You work just as hard when no one is looking as when the boss is in the room. (Because God is actually the one you trust to reward you.)

You work with complete honesty and integrity even when it doesn’t seem to be in your best interest.  (Yeah, because God is the one you want to impress)

You pray for wisdom in every situation instead of “winging it” on your own.  (Imagine if Daniel had decided to interpret dreams without actually hearing from God)

You NEVER give up…because no matter hopeless your situation looks…God is in control. 

 So Daniel prospered during the reign of Darius and the reign of Cyrus the Persian  Daniel 6:28

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