Welcome vs. Comfortable

One of the core values of actionchurch is that EVERYONE is welcome.  Much of what we do on Sunday morning is centered around making sure that is true.  From meeting in a well known movie theater to the great job that our crew does in preparing for guests, from the food and drink greeting our guests to the welcoming smile of Denise at the info table, from our signage to our website: a LOT of work and thought goes into making everyone feel welcome each week.

Here’s something that might surprise you though.  As much as I want everyone to be welcome at actionchurch, I don’t want ANYONE (including myself) to ever be made totally comfortable.  Comfortable is a very different thing from being welcome. 

Comfortable is:  being in a state of physical or mental comfort; contented and undisturbed; at ease:

I pray actionchurch never becomes a place where you can remain “contented and undisturbed”.   I hope it never becomes a place where the words of God from the Bible don’t disturb our mental comfort.  I pray we never have a week where something doesn’t challenge all of us to not be contented with the way we currently live, and to want to live the following week in a different way (one that lines up better with the plan Jesus gave us in his teachings).   I want everyone to be welcome at actionchurch, no matter how far they have wandered from God, I just don’t want anyone to feel comfortable with staying that way as they leave the theaters.

Sure, we have really comfortable seats at actionchurch…but I NEVER want it to be a comfortable church.

4 thoughts on “Welcome vs. Comfortable

  1. Thanks for welcoming, & allowing us to be part of the crew. It is great to have a mission, & no need to fit into someone else’s idea of a mold.

    • Thank YOU…without crew members like you, there would not be a place like actionchurch in York County!

  2. You have succeeded. Your message this week hit me like a 2 X 4 in the middle of my forehead. AND did you really have to say that thing about working when the boss wasn’t looking – it was really tempting to goof off on Friday – GEEZ!

    • I included myself in that… :-) I know exactly what you mean. God’s word seems to go right to the uncomfortable thing in my life that I don’t want to think about…but need to so much.