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the 'verbs - 31 days in Proverbs
This Sunday we’ll be kicking off not only a new year, but a brand new teaching series that I believe will be life-changing for anyone who participates.  During our time in “The ‘verbs” we’re challenging everyone to read one chapter from the Book of Proverbs each day of January. (31 days in January…31 Chapters in Proverbs…meant for each other like peanut butter and jelly.)

How can five minutes a day spent reading a book of wisdom that is now thousands of years old change your life?  I’ll explain all that on Sunday.

Let’s Recap:

Tonight: 12/31/10 New years Eve!  (you go to an amazing  party…I’ll probably enjoy falling asleep on the couch. )

Saturday: 1/1/11 (wow all 1’s)  wake up…eat…read Proverbs Chapter 1.

Sunday: 1/2/11   Show up at Frank Theaters (Queensgate) for actionchurch.  Starts @ 10:30.  (come early for coffee, donuts, bagels, and hang time with actionchurch folks.)  We’ll have Oceans in Love on stage…and a great day planned for your kids in actionkidz!   Eat.  Read Proverbs Chapter 2.

See ya Sunday (Directions)

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