Closing Apps

I’m a torture test for iPhone batteries.  From the moment I wake, to the time I hit the pillow: I’m talking, texting, emailing, tweeting,writing, reading, smashing pigs with flying birds, navigating, or listening to music.  Here’s the thing I’ve learned though.  When my battery runs low before my day runs out-I probably have too many apps open… I have too many things happening all at once on my phone.  When that happens, it’s time to close some applications…time to shut some things down.

Life is like that.  If you have too many things going at once, it can run your batteries down.  Sometimes you just need to recharge.  Sometimes you need to close some apps.  Sometimes you have to chose to turn off some stuff that you really enjoy to make sure that you have enough battery to make it through the day.

“Closing apps” is one of the most difficult things I do each week.  Sometimes it feels like I’m always saying “N0”.  I hate that.   I understand that most people don’t understand the extreme “battery drain” that comes from juggling our time together as a family, working as a painting contractor, and actionchurch.  The truth is those three things take up 98% of my time.  (The other 2% I’m saving for showering and eating cookies :-) )   In order to do the most important things…I have to say no to many other “apps” that put a drain on my time and “battery”.

The final days of this year are a great time to evaluate.

Is your Battery drained?

Do you need to Recharge?

Do you need to close some “apps”?

Or, like me, do you need to shut down your phone completely and just enjoy time with the ones you love?

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