Third album

I was just reading an article about Taylor Swift’s third album.  Normally I’m far to “manly” to admit something like that…and I’d probably tell you that the reason I know all of her songs is because my wife and daughter play her albums constantly…but the article actually was pretty interesting.  This quote especially caught my attention:

“For any artist who intends on sticking around for the long term, the third album may be the most important. It’s always too easy to dismiss a hit debut as a fluke, and a second album tends to be rushed or caught up in the process of actually making a second album (the first album is usually a summation of years of thought and considering; second albums tend to take about six months).  The third album is the first chance that the artist really gets to stretch his or her wings as well as solidify exactly what the sound is supposed to be.” -Kyle Anderson.  MTV online

actionchurch may not be in the business of selling albums, but the album metephor is pretty spot on.  We planned for almost two years before launching at Fat Daddies nightclub. It was our debut “album”.  Like most second albums, our move to Club 19 happened quickly…and out of necessity.  Just six months after start-up we had a “hit” and needed to move to another venue.  Frank Theaters is our third “album” as a church.  We may have had to make the move quickly…but we’ve been planning and considering what “songs” we want to play as a church for a very long time.  We’ve been dreaming of a location in the marketplace of York where we would be exposed to the countless  people who don’t attend church.  We’ve been praying for a great facility that we could be proud to invite our friends and neighbors…but not so expensive to rent and maintain that our entire focus becomes fundraising for our facility.  And yeah…it’s pretty cool that our new venue has acres of red and black leather seating.  Our very first Sunday “looked like” actionchurch. (And as soon as we get PA and lighting and crank up the rock…it’s gonna SOUND like actionchurch!)

So welcome to our third album, York.   I hope you’ll join us over the next few weeks as we “test market” it to fans.  I hope you’ll tell your friends as we begin to seriously promote in December.  I know that some fans will say that the “first album” was their favorite.  Many others heard actionchurch for the first time at the “second album”.  Here’s what excites me though.  I know that we have the opportunity to make thousands of new fans (of JESUS!) with our “Third album” at Frank Theaters Queensgate…That is what truly, matters…whether you’re Taylor Swift, or a church that Loves God, Loves People, and Takes action!

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