Week one at Frank Theaters

‘So many amazing things about our first week at Frank Theaters Queensgate.  Here’s the scene I keep thinking about:

At 8am I pulled up to the theaters in Jerrys bus filled with all the stuff our church owned, purchased this week, or borrowed.  Immediately the bus was surrounded by an army of actionchurch crew members who made really short work of getting the gear off the bus to the appropriate entrances.  Here’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.  When the theater employee opened the doors, it struck me that with the exception of my wife Michele, and Josiah who had a grand total of two hours of time in the theaters,  NO ONE else on the team had ever been in the building except to see a movie!  We walked through our wing of the theaters as a group as I yelled out really detailed instructions like “Toddlers and babies area on the right”, ” That theater is where actionkidz will meet”, “Here’s where we’ll have our information area”,  “This is our new auditorium”.   That was it.  No time for planning committees, “vision-casting”, war-gaming…   All our crew had to work with was “Here is your area…here’s your gear…in two hours people will be walking through the doors to have church…let’s make this happen.   What our crew managed to put together is something I will not ever forget. 

We’ve still got a lot of things to work on.  We desparately need more actionkidz workers.  (They had more kidz on week one than any other time this year except Easter!)  We still need to purchase sound and lighting gear. We (gasp-sacriledge!) ran out of donuts. :-)   I forgot to have my “sermon clock” up front…  There are things we should have put in storage…and stuff we need to get back out of storage. 

To be honest, none of that stuff seems that important, in light of the opportunity that God has extended to us, and the great people that we have on the actionchurch team. When I consider that most (sane :-) ) people would think that Sunday would have been the first Sunday that actionchurch was NOT able to meet due to not having a facility…to think that instead this Sunday was our first week at a new venue that will allow us to reach more people in York County than we ever imagined…nothing but gratitude seems appropriate.

Thank you God.

Thank you Beth and all the staff at Frank Theatres for your hard work in making our first week great.

Thank you to all of you who generously shared your time, talents, stuff, and money to make actionchurch at Frank Theaters possible.

This is just the beginning.

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